Renovation Impact

The history of the Huber Heights Church of God is full of wonderful stories of the generosity of its members. Whenever there has been a need, the Church has stepped in to provide. The church facility has also had several stages in the process of building and furnishing what we have now.

Each stage in the life of the church had different needs to support ministry. With this strong history of generosity and stewardship of our resources, we are committed to continue to develop and maintain the facilities we have to the best of our ability.

Several years ago a plan was being formed for renovations to our sanctuary in order to continue to meet the needs of ministry. While the last few years have changed much for our church, including our needs and resources, it is still important for us to take care of the resources we have and plan to meet the needs of ministry for years to come.

How To Contribute

  • Pray for our Leaders
  • Give a one-time gift
  • Give weekly along with your regular tithes and offerings
  • Show up with willing hands when there Is work to be done


Stage 1: Seating

  • Purchase of 250 Chairs to replace pews

Stage 2: New Media Station

  • New work station in the rear of the sanctuary to accommodate the growing technology needs

Stage 3: Flooring

  • New sanctuary carpet in a neutral color

Stage 4: Stage and Equipment Updates

  • Enlarging and remodeling the stage with platform extensions
  • Update equipment to better meet future ministry needs.

The Team

Joellen Boicourt

Jeff Boicourt

Dwight Bruggeman

Tom Finley

Tom Hatton

Mindy House

Jerry Webb